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Style:Maui Jim Offshore
Neutral Grey (444-02)
HCL Bronze (H444-02)
Maui Rose (R444-02)
SuperThin (ST) Glass Lens
Hinge:Spring Hinges
Saltwater Effectiveness:
All Maui Jim sunglasses are saltwater safe
Face Shape:
Round, Oval, Large Features


Away from the shore, on the sea and against the bright sunshine, you can't help but get blinded by the intense light piercing through your eyes. These days, boating has never been harsher to your eyes. That is why Maui Jim sunglasses thought of designing a revolutionary eye protection that can give you the kind of eye protection that you need, without compromising style. As the first pair of polarized fishing sunglasses designed for long days on the boat and named by many as the best fishing sunglasses, Maui Jim Offshore gives you the kind of eye protection, comfort and style features to complete a fine boating experience.

Much like any other Maui Jim sunglasses, Offshore features a PolarizedPlus2 technology lens technology to give you ample protection against glare and UV rays from all angles. Its impact-resistant polycarbonate lens is specifically picked to give you the most correct optics to complement your active lifestyle.

Each pair of lens is treated with ClearShell scratch coating, which is a proprietary silicon-based scratch resistant coating. This way, you don't need to worry about these glasses from getting scratched whenever you drop them on the sand.

Aside from maximum visibility, Offshore is also given loads of comfort and style features. It is available in Neutral Grey, HCL Bronze, and Maui Rose hues, which are all great for the guys. It is given side lenses and rubber nose grips to keep the gravity from pulling your glasses out of place.

Stylish, functional and comfortable. Maui Jim Offshore sunglasses make perfect gifts for someone special, like yourself. Make Christmas early this year and invest on a good pair of Offshore polarized fishing sunglasses to complete your active lifestyle.


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