Broken sunglasses? Unfortunately, it happens to the best of us. Luckily, Maui Jim has one of the BEST repair centers in the market. Having your broken sunglasses replaced is obviously a lot cheaper than buying new. You'll need to do a few minor things in order to properly send your sunglasses in for repair.
When sending your sunglasses in for repair, be sure to include:

Proof of purchase. I know sometimes things can get a little unorganized so if you don't have your proof of purchase just let them know when and where you made the purchase.

Your story. Let them know how your sunglasses broke. Be honest, we all know mistakes happen.

$10.00 USD. They'll accepted money order, credit card, and checks payable to Maui Jim. (You can fill out your credit card info on the form that goes with your sunglasses)

Contact Information. They may have a question for you so be sure to include your name, address and phone number.

Maui Jim is not responsible for packages lost or damaged in transit so you may want to consider shipping insurance and I would always use a traceable carrier such as UPS, Federal Express, or U.S. Postal Service (registered or insured).

Most importantly make sure you securely package your sunglasses. Completely surround your sunglasses in packing material meaning do not put your sunglasses at the bottom of a box then all the materials on top.

You can find the repair form located here.

The estimated cost to replace your broken Maui Jim sunglasses can be found on Maui Jim's website located here